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Hydrophobic silica gel is a kind of highly active inorganic silica adsorption material, which is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, odorless, stable in chemical properties, and does not react with other substances except strong alkali and strong acid. Compared with activated carbon adsorbent, it has the characteristics of low adsorption heat, stable chemical property, safety and environmental protection, high mechanical strength and long service life.


Hydrophobic silica gel is weak acid surface, so it is easy to adsorb hydrocarbons, and can be desorbed under vacuum conditions. Hydrophobic silica gel can be used for long time. It does not have flammability, can guarantee the safety of petroleum depot and gas stations. Hydrophobic silica gel has high oil and gas recovery efficiency, non-methane hydrocarbons recovery can reach more than 99%. Hydrophobic silica gel has low oil and gas emissions, non-methane hydrocarbons emissions to less than 1 g/m3.

Hydrophobic silica gel is widly used for oil and gas recovery devices and various gas recovery.

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